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Are you living life or just doing life?

At times, I get so into my thoughts that I will ask myself random questions. Crazy you may think, but I am sure you do it too. Today as I sat taking in the sight of the beautiful lake, I asked myself, “are you living life or just doing life“. Ask yourself. Which one are you doing? I am still trying to figure out the answer. Am I alone in my thoughts? Why don’t I know? I tell myself I am too old to just be doing life. I’ve hit several milestones and I’ve accomplished several things I wanted to. I do seem happy at times. But am I still just doing life? I “think” I am. I know I haven’t fully tapped into my purpose. Heck, what is my purpose? (that’s another topic, for another day). I’ve never traveled outside of the states and barely off the east coast. I want to pack my bags and go wherever, whenever. If times are hectic, why can’t I just say let’s go out and enjoy life! What’s holding me back from living life? It doesn’t matter that we have kids, a family, a 9-5 job, not enough money, whatever, we still deserve to LIVE LIFE! We only get this opportunity ONE time (YOLO, so cliché but true) and there are no do-overs. Let’s throw it all together and do this thing called life by LIVING IT!

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