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who is kissha?

Hey, I'm Kissha. I was born in Fairfax, VA, raised in East TN, and today I find myself bouncing back and forth between Atlanta and Mexico.


I am a Blogger, IT Specialist, CEO of #SocialKhaos Marketing, Co-Founder of The BlackHause Entertainment, Director of Operations for Lighthouse Media, and Mother of 3.


I know you are wondering how I juggle all of this, heck I ask myself the same thing every day. It's chaotic as heck but I guess you can say I love living in this chaos.


At 44, and amongst all those titles, I still spend days asking myself what my purpose is. Sometimes we spend so much time questioning our purpose, that we don't realize it's right in front of us.


I am learning to do a better job at living in the present. Enjoying the peace. Listening while finding my purpose. Follow along with me on this journey.


Check me out!! 

Featured in Voyage ATL

Instagram @justbeingkissha

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